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GST Number Registration

Every organization that carries out taxable supply of services or provision of goods under the GST regime, with a turnover exceeding Rs 20 lakh must be registered as a taxable person. The registration process is known as GST registration.
Why is it Important to Register GST Number?
GST registration is important because it enables you access a wide range of benefits that exist under the GST regime. Flawless input tax credit is a good example of one of the benefits. Additionally, timely registration will enable you keep away from unnecessary conflicts with the tax authority.
General Expectation
Approximately eight million taxpayers are expected to migrate from multiple tax platforms into GST, and each of them will get a distinct Goods and Services TIN (tax identification number).
Casual Registration
If you occasionally supply goods or services in a tax jurisdiction where GST is in force, but you have no fixed business premise, the tax authority will regard you as a casual taxable-entity.
You must register GST number if your annual turnover is more than Rs 20 lakhs.
If you need to register for a GST number, just come to us. With our help, the registration process will take a very short period.

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