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Think Self-Ink Stamps, Think BusinessKart!

There are various types of Self-ink stamps available in the market. Well, here’s some generic information about Self-ink stamps. They are water-based ink and  transfer ink from the inner pad.  Pre-ink stamps create a perfect impression 50,000 times before reinking. Self-ink stamps are priced economically and make an impression 10,000 times before needing a replacement pad. Pre-ink stamps have an ink cell and impression pad built in it. Pre-ink stamps contain oil-based ink. Both pre-inked and self-inked stamps cannot work on glossy papers and can be used on porous papers. 

In BusinessKart, we deal with company self-ink stamps. A self-ink seal can make a company look more genuine and authentic and puts a lasting impression on others. Self-ink gives an important trademark to your business.  

If you want to purchase a self-ink stamp online, search no further and visit BusinessKart. We deal with daily use products and customized stationary that includes self-ink stamps. 

We have all types of self-ink stamps that you can easily shop online. We offer shiny stamps and you can choose the design that will suit your requirements. You can choose the best suitable stamp from our self-ink stamp store.

Besides that, we offer round self-inking that is used by most of the companies. The self-ink stamps offered by the store are divided into categories like rectangle self-ink stamps, round self-ink stamps, 1 Line self-ink Stamps, 2 Line self-ink Stamps, 3 Line self-ink Stamps and 4 Line self-ink Stamps. 

Placing an order for a self-ink stamp with us will ensure: 

  • Superior quality self-ink stamp 
  • It can become a medium of branding in the competitive environment 
  • Personalised self-ink stamps with your company’s name and logo helps in creating a professional image of your business and sets you apart from others 

You can design your own self-ink stamp by visiting the website of BusinessKart and choosing your requirements accordingly. We have various design templates available that can help you in designing your self-ink stamp for free. Every format is unique, and you can choose the one that goes well with business.

You have the liberty of choosing the type of self-ink stamp you want to create. We have round self-ink stamps, rectangle self-ink stamps, 1 line self-ink stamps, 2 line self-ink stamps, 3 line self-ink stamps and 4 line self-ink stamps. Self-ink stamps can help you in various ways. It gives your company a unique identity and an edge over all the competitors that is a necessity in the modern world. 

Here is how you can design your self-ink stamp on your own:

Use Our Templates

  • Get inspired from the multiple templates of self-ink stamps
  • Select a professional design that suits your needs
  • Customise your receipt with simplicity and ease

See our design templates >>

Easily Design Online


  • Place your logo on the blank template of the self-ink stamp
  • Create a design of your choice
  • Customise every detail on your self-ink stamp


Start with a blank template >>

Your Self-Ink Stamp is Ready


  • When you are done with the design of your self-ink stamp
  • Have design chops or your designer
  • Your new self-ink stamp is ready to create unique identity of your brand

Upload a complete design >>


Our services are available in India only and the products are shipped within 3 business days. Cash on Delivery is not available for the products. The products designed by us are unique in design and nature. 

In the modern world, making your brand stand out from the rest is very necessary. Self-ink stamps give your brand an identity that makes you stand apart from others and establish a bond of trust with your clients. 

So, what are you waiting for? Choose from a wide range of Self-ink Stamps and leave a good impression on your clients.