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TIN Registration

Tax Information Network is an ambitious plan made by India’s Income Tax Department to modernize the present-day system responsible for direct tax collection, accounting, processing, and monitoring using IT. Essentially, TIN is a repository for information related to taxes, and the info is usually obtained countrywide. It is a distinctive registration number comprising of 11 digits that is used for identifying dealers registered under Value Added Tax.
Who Needs a TIN Number?
You should register TIN number if you are a manufacturer, general dealer, trader, or exporter who carries out business activities in India. When you apply for a new registration under Central Sales Tax or Value Added Tax, the Income Tax Department will give you a new TIN number. The number must be displayed on all quotations by the company that sends and the company that receives as well.
TIN Number Registration Procedure
To register TIN number, you can visit any of the government-owned facilitation centres located in various parts of the country and submit a properly-completed TIN registration form alongside other requisite documents. The registration can also be done online.
Required Documents

  1. Proof of Identification, proprietor’s PAN card, and proof of address.
  2. Proof of address of the business’ premises.
  3. First purchase invoice, proof of payment, and copy of GR or LR.

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